Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby is 5 Months Old

Little Man is 5 Months old.

  • he had a HUGE court hearing earlier this week
  • his case worker is happy with the way it went
  • we are too!
  • he continues to fill our days with incredible joy
  • he is the giggliest baby I have ever met
  • he has learned how to make the "da" sound
  • when combined together it sounds like da-da
  • yes, I have video footage of this
  • he has started putting himself to sleep when I lay him down for night bedtime
  • this is HUGE!!!
  • he enjoys sticking his feet in the pool
  • he is rolling over from back to tummy with ease now
  • the Halls are letting us borrow their exersaucer
  • little man LOVES it!!!
  • he loves being able to sit upright and look at all the toys on it
  • thanks Halls!  :)
  • he is sleeping better at night, only getting up twice between midnight and 6am
  • he still isn't a good napper during the day, but that's ok
  • his favorite past time is still being held and being talked to
  • we do A LOT of that
  • I can't believe he's already 5 months old
  • we are eating up this sweet baby time with him
  • I'm afraid of blinking because every time I do, he's changed massively before my eyes!
  • we are SO thankful for being chosen to be his Foster Family
  • and we're praying that the LORD will allow us to be his FOREVER family too!
  • we had a blessed Father's Day  :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just around the riverbend...

Brother Bear is almost 5 months old.
He is precious beyond words!  Matt & I still fight over who gets to hold him.  No, for real.
He is like the cheese in our mac!  The icing on our cake!
Getting to be his Foster family is one of the most awesome things ever!

And right around the corner is a major important Court hearing.  *ahem* {Read between the lines.}
It makes me want to break out into Pocahontas's song "...just around the riverbend..."

For those who have been following us through this journey & cheering us on, thank you!  For those who don't quite understand why a family of 5 would feel the need to take on another child, but you are curious to see how this turns out, thanks for sticking around!  For those newbies, welcome!

We're not able to share distinct details about Brother's case.  But we can let you know how we need prayer and what is sorta going on.

We need prayer for this upcoming Court hearing.
What is sorta going on is that it's a MAJOR Court hearing.

Dontcha love how technical I am on here?


In other news, Summer's been nice with Brother here.  My girls are content to sit around and watch Little House on the Prairie as well as work on their tans.  Brother already has a superb tan!  ;)

And you know how you don't really appreciate things until you are at the brink of possibly losing them?  Well that doesn't really apply to your children, nor Foster babies, because well, they are YOURS and you wouldn't ever want to think of losing them, but for story's sake...when Brother had a visitation with his momma...oh however many months ago that was: I had to come to grips with the fact that his momma is HIS MOMMA, and she very well may be rehabilitated and she very well may get to have him back.  And let's just say that it wasn't a pretty thing to see me try to come to grips with this. I had to go to my happy place and stay there in order to keep from losing my sanity, for sanity's sake. {And in the process I cocooned myself at home, keeping him safe and continuing to work on our bonding.}  And here we are, months down the road from all that...and he continues to thrive and grow.
He is safe here.  He is loved here.  His sisters shower him with sweet baby talk and tickles and lovin's and he just giggles like crazy and eats it up.

His momma...oh how I wish Jesus would fix her up.  I love this baby so much that I wish he could someday have a healthy friendship with her.  I know that would be healing for him.

Maybe that is just around the riverbend...