Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hearing | A Short Story

     He waited in his pickup for her.  Where was she?  He was always early.  He prided himself in this.  She, on the other hand, was always running late.  His mind kept racing to all the 'what-ifs' as he waited in what was quickly becoming his torture chamber.  And then finally, he saw her pull up in her mini van.  And she was smiling all big with not a care in the world.  What was wrong with her?  Did she forget why they were there in the first place?
     He expressed to her how he had seen a million single women walking around the parking lot and any of them could be "his" mom.  She looked into his worried blue eyes and asked Jesus to continue to strengthen her.  For herself.  And for him.  And then she reminded him WHO tells the rivers where to go.  And then they prayed together.  And then, he became her strength again.
      They walked hand in hand into the building, with a 7 month old baby in their arms.  She had visions of the first time she'd ever stepped foot onto the premises.  They'd received a call the night before and were asked if they'd be interested in fostering a 5 week old baby.  The next morning, she walked in that building with 3 little ducklings and walked out 30 minutes later with 4 little ducklings. It seemed like just a second ago... and now here they were again.
     And he'd been right, there were lots of single women around the entire place.  A big portion of them fit the description of "his" mom.  They could be in for some negative news today.  And God would STILL be their God. And He would still sit on His throne.  And He would still be Sovereign.  And they would still honor Him with their lives.
      An hour and a half later, they were standing in front of the Judge's stand.  But they knew who their real judge was.  And they knew He was on their side!
     The defense asked questions.  Other's asked questions.  The plaintiff (I really don't know what she was so we're calling her that) straight up told the judge "his" mom needed more time.  "She might come around if she were given more time."  And their hearts stopped beating.  And their breaths caught.  And was the room spinning?  And why was it so hot all of a sudden?
     And then the judge said the most beautiful words they'd ever heard, "She's been given enough time!  Bio Mom's Parental Rights, Terminated.  Alleged Bio Dad's Parental Rights, Terminated.  Other possible Bio Dad's Parental Rights, Terminated."  And someone sitting behind the Judge got up, quickly walked out and came back into the room and handed her a little blue Ty Beanie Bear & smiled at her.  She gave it to "him".  He quickly found the tag and started chewing on it.

To be continued sometime in December...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daddy-Mommy Date

Matt & I celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary yesterday.

We KNEW we were needing some time away from the kids, but WOW, we didn't realize how much we had really needed the time alone.  It was AWESOME!  My in-laws kept all of the kids - little man too, for about 6 hours.  During that time we were able to focus on each other, pray with and for each other, and just enjoy being buddies again instead of a tired mommy & daddy!

We have been so intentional on "bonding" with Baby Boy.  It has been SO good for his well being!  We have succeeded well, but maybe in the process, we had neglected our marriage more than I'd like to admit...

So if you're a Foster Family and you're noticing you've been a little short with your other half, maybe it's time to call a family member or friend and ask them to bless you with an extended date!  Beg if you have to...

Hope ya'll are doing well,