Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adoption Workshop #2

We attended an Adoption Workshop again today.
It was hard for me to sit through.
The first 3 hours of Workshop topics were on all the different forms of child abuse
that children under DHS custody experience.
I almost threw up several times.
Our son may experience abuse himself.
It made me mad, to say the least.

The second 3 hours were on loss and grief.

It was a hard Workshop day.

4 Workshops left...

A special "Thank YOU" to the Leinens for watching our daughters for 8 hours.
Love you guys!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adoption Workshop #1

We attended our first Adoption Workshop today.
Well, technically it was Workshops #1 & #2.
It was 7 hours long.
We have 5 Saturdays left.
It wasn't fun.
But it wasn't terrible.
There were interesting people there...
People that I don't think should be taking children into their home.
I know that sounds judgmental... I guess you just had to be there.

There were also some genuinely precious people there.

Today was mainly about the Foster program.
Most of the people there were there to Foster kids.

I wish they had separate Workshops for families that are only interested in Adopting.  But they don't.

Like I said, it wasn't terrible.
At least not for me.
Matt had a massive toothache.
He's so AMAZING for still wanting to go w/ me even though his mouth was throbbing the entire time we were there!!!
Our friend Sid Johnson met us at his new dentist office immediately afterwards and performed an emergency root canal.  :(
He's feeling MUCH better now!

And so am I because...

We are 1 week closer to our Adoption!
Thank YOU Jesus!!!

A special "Thank You" to the Northams for watching our daughters for 10 straight hours!
Love you guys!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am non-confrontational.
I am super patient.
I have waited for WEEKS for our Home Study dates.
I finally called last week.

I was told our case worker was on medical leave.  Never mind that they never called to notify me of this.  I was told I would have a new case worker.  Ok, no problem!  I called the new #, left my info & waited.  She finally called me back yesterday.

I was told our paper work had been sent to the wrong "County".  We are back to square one.
We have to play the waiting game all over again.  The Home Study company has 90 days to do our 3 Home Studies.  They will more than likely take all 90 days.  Which means we will not meet our October deadline.  Which means we will not get our little man in October.  Which means I'm dealing with a HUGE amount of emotions.

October Adoption Party was the day we were shooting for with our other case worker.  The next available "Adoption Party" (scroll down a few posts if you don't know what that is) isn't until January.

I'm ok with this on the surface.  But deep down, I really want to hit somebody VERY hard!  I am TIRED of waiting!  I have waited half my life for this...quite literally.  It took my precious husband our entire marriage to become ok w/ adoption.  If I'm completely honest with everyone reading this - I would really like to throw a toddler tantrum right in the middle of own living room right now.

I know God is in control.  I know He has the best in store for my family.  I know that NOTHING enters our lives that hasn't first been gently sifted through His loving hands.  I KNOW!!!  But knowing doesn't take away the searing pain.  It doesn't comfort the little boy I long to protect.
It doesn't keep him safe at night & fill his belly during the day!

Just so you know, I'm totally checking out for awhile...