Wednesday, April 18, 2012

little update

  • baby is 3 months old now
  • he baby talks 
  • he is very ticklish - which brings us all GREAT joy!  :)
  • he is a very healthy eater which means he's a chunky monkey! super, duper CUTE!
  • he prefers dancing at night with me, as opposed to sleeping  :)
  • he loves bath time
  • his favorite part of Family Worship Time is the singing part
  • he's found his hands
  • apparently hands are VERY tasty!
  • he continues to be blessed with borrowed clothes from Ty Bobay (thank you Ty!)
  • he's also received several gift cards which we've used for formula and diapers  (thank you friends!) and burp cloths & bibs from mamaw bonnie (thank you mamaw!)
  • he was tested by Sooner Start and passed with flying colors.
  • apparently he's even advanced in several areas
  • yeah, that's OUR boy!  :)
  • his bio mom's visitations have been put on hold for now
  • which means we haven't had to be gone for half the day on Wednesdays anymore
  • and our hearts have stopped being ripped right out of our chests on a weekly basis
  • other incredibly favorable things are taking place that make us drop to our knees to thank our Heavenly Father for being in control of Baby's future and our family's future!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


So we're a Foster Family.  I never thought we would be.  I just wanted to straight up adopt!
But things got tricky and well, now we're a Foster Family.
We've had our little guy for 6 weeks now.
We are head over heels in love with him!!!  We think he's pretty in love with us too!

Every morning when he sees me peering into his bassinet with my sleepy, groggy face, his big brown eyes just light up like I'm the best thing he's ever seen!  Whenever he makes eye contact with us, he just beams with joy and shoots us a huge toothless smile!
When the girls sit down to talk to him, his little legs just start a kickin' away with excitement.
He and Matt have a language all their own.  They are AMAZING together!  And on the rare occasion when I have to put him down to do a chore (I "wear" him most of the time) or help someone out, one of the girls will just scoop him up and start talking to him.  Sometimes I just stop and stare at them...they take my breath away!  My precious family is so incredible!

He may be a "Foster" baby, but in reality, he's already "OUR" baby.
We don't know what the future holds, but he will always be our baby, in our hearts.

Can any foster families relate?