Our Story

Our Story

Matt & Mary have an extremely unique story.

They were both raised in Christian homes.  And attended church regularly.  Matt lived in Moore, OK & Mary lived in Norman, OK.  They didn't know each other until...

The Summer Matt decided to go on several Mexico Mission Trips w/ Phil & MaryAnne Chain - (Missionaries that frequently took Youth Groups to Mexico), he was 19.
He would be attending his 3rd Mission Trip of that Summer, but he didn't have the funds to go.  From out of nowhere, someone gave him the money to cover his trip.

Mary's Youth Group was going on Mission Trip too, but she had NO desire to go.  Whatsoever!  She was 17.
But for whatever reason, she ended up deciding she would go.  She had to quit her job because her boss wouldn't allow her to take a week off work.  Which left her with no money, so her Youth Pastor paid for her trip fees as well.

While in Mexico, they held VBS classes for the Mexican children during the day & Spanish Jesus films at night.  Matt had also secretly fallen in love w/ a mexican teenager while visiting the same villages throughout his Summer trips there.  When he found out that Mary spoke Spanish, he asked her to translate his undying love to the Village Girl.

What Matt & Mary didn't know was that the Lord had an even better Love Story for them in mind.

Mary translated for Matt.  The Village Girl sweetly declined his undying love.  And Mary was left w/ Matt, trying to fight his hurt through tear streaked eyes.  Mary fell head over heels in love, immediately.

They talked a few more times through the course of the week.  Exchanged notes back & forth throughout their long drive back to Oklahoma.  Decided to exchange phone numbers once they arrived at the church drop off location.  And 12 months later, on August 5th, 1995, they were married in a little church called Berry Road Baptist Church.

They miscarried their first baby 2 years after being married.  Upon which time, Mary was forced to really think long & hard about her place in life.  She grieved for a very long time.  She knew her baby was in Heaven.  She had NO doubt!  However, she didn't know if she would ever see him again, because she wasn't sure  whether she was going to Heaven when she died.

She talked to Matt about it & as he held her hand, she asked Jesus to forgive her of her sins and to help her be a new person with His help.  She also said she really wanted to be able to see her baby again some day, because she thought that would be great!  And she really wanted to have the peace that everyone around her always talked about.

Two months later, she was pregnant with Gabi.
6 months after Gabi was born, she was pregnant with Sara.
4 years later, she was pregnant with Emma.

Another miracle happened in the spring of 2009 when Jesus began stirring in Matt's heart and revealed to him that he was not a Christian like he thought he was, and Matt was saved that spring and started a new life in Christ!

In 2011, the Morrows entered their Adoption Journey.  You can read a little blog post about it here:  http://themorrowsadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/2011/05/from-there-to-here.html
What began as simply signing up for "Adoption" thru DHS changed to "Foster to Adopt" so that they could have a baby in their home sooner rather than later.  The same day as the final "walk thru" to finalize the family's approval for fostering, they received a call about a 5 week old baby.

In July 2013, Josiah's adoption was finalized.  The Morrows also decided they wanted to continue their foster care journey and were willing to adopt more children. 

In September 2014, Noah's adoption was finalized.

In November 2014, Amy Belle's adoption was finalized. 

In December 2016 the Morrows closed their home to fostering.

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