Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tiny's Mom-Visit

Tiny's Mom-Visit went well.  I arranged his next feeding around her visit, so she could feed him.
Back track to nearly 2 years ago..Josiah had his first & only mom-visit.  (It wasn't a face to face meeting for me, that was unsafe.  She actually had a cop posted outside the door to make sure the Case Worker was safe.)  But I remember feeling SO very in love with Josiah and being absolutely terrified for his safety during the entire visit. I was shaking & thought I was going to throw up!  Prior to his visit, the Lord had told me that I was to arrange his bottle time around her visit, so that she could feed him. I said "no!" to Him.  And then He told me again and I submitted.  That was the last time Josiah ever saw his birth mom.  I'm so thankful I submitted.
Tiny's visit was different. I love him.  But I don't have that fierce momma-bear-love, yet.  I have no problem w/ his mom visiting him.  I don't particularly think a person who has lost rights to 4 other kids should be given another chance, but I am okay w/ her visiting him, after all, she's his mom and she isn't violent so we don't have to worry about his physical safety.  AND if it was me in her shoes, I would think I deserved yet another chance, I KNOW I would. It's our human nature to feel like we deserve another chance. I get that.

So today, we arrived a few minutes late because traffic was a bit heavier than I anticipated.  The room was kind of small.  Tiny's mom smiled at me.  She was younger than I was envisioning.  She didn't realize I was going to be there, even though I had been told she wanted to meet me, so at first, she didn't know who I was.  The case worker introduced us and I smiled at her and we sat down.  I was told I would just share how Tiny had been doing w/ feeding, his temperament and night times and then I could leave them to have their visit.  Easy enough.  Well the first thing she says to me is "Ya'll aren't smokers and you don't have cats do you?"  I tried not to laugh.  I mean, really, how do either of those things even remotely compare to your offenses ma'am?  That's what I thought, but the only thing that came out of my mouth was a smile and a "no".

I may have lied about one of those things...

The case worker asked why she was asking me that and the mom said "because they are both gross!"


I immediately thought of my friend Larissa.  She hates cats with every fiber of her being.  A couple years ago, she played an April Fools Joke on everyone on FB...she had a friend who works at a Dr's office put a temp cast on her foot and she told everyone that she had broken her foot by kicking a cat off her porch! LOL!!!!  Girlfriend had EVERYONE fooled!
Larissa, I love you chick!

Oh dear...
Anyways, the visit wasn't horrible.  The mom got to meet me and that was kinda the point aside from her getting to visit her baby.

I left after about 7 minutes.  Met up with my friend Tonya.  And went to pick him up an hour later.

Foster Care is interesting. :)  Today gave me a good chuckle!  It's either that or scream, right?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tiny's Mom-Visit | Foster Care

Tiny has an upcoming Mom-Visit later this week.  She has requested to meet me.  This is the FIRST time this has happened.  This is supposedly a good thing in Foster Care.  The Case Worker said some women even give them their cell numbers so the Mom's can check in to see how their kids are doing.
No thank you.
I'm ridiculously busy, and rarely even text my besties anymore!
But I AM going to meet his mom.
And maybe in the future, I'll give her my # if it comes to that...

We will do whatever it takes to be Tiny's voice, his advocates, his protectors because he has been entrusted to our family for this reason!

I'll let you know how it goes!  :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Tiny" | Foster Care

We've had a little guy here since last Wednesday when we arrived from our Texas Trip.  His name is Tiny.  It's short for Tiny Prince Charming.  :)
He is sweeter than a land overflowing with honey!
I tell myself not to fall in love...and EVERY SINGLE DANG TIME, I FALL in LOVE!

So I am up w/ Tiny throughout the night, EVERY single night and I pray for him. And I pray for his mommy.  And I pray for his daddy.

And I wonder...
Do they know I'm praying for them?  Do they have anyone else praying for them?

I had a friend ask me if I am mad at his mom for putting him through this?

No.  I'm pissed at sin & at Satan.

Little girls don't dream of meeting the wrong guy & making VERY bad choices and destroying their children's lives.  But broken young women make mistakes when they are looking for love in all the wrong places.

I feel sorry for Tiny's mom.  Just like I feel sorry for Josiah's birth mom.  And I'm pissed at Satan for destroying the life these kids were meant to have - with their healthy mom & dad.
BUT, BUT, BUT, I am SO thankful for redemption and adoption and that stories can be re-written!

So we're not sure what the future holds for Tiny, but we know WHO holds his future and we're praying for him and nurturing and protecting him while he's under our care.

This also happens to be THE BUSIEST time of the year for me with my photography business and day cares won't accept Tiny because he's, too I would appreciate your prayers!

- a special thank you to the Bobays, & Scarberrys for baby stuff; Melissa Hall for filling my freezer w/ meals; my GMG group for payers and emotional support & Kathleen, my awesome Case Worker for, oh just EVERYTHING!