Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Noah's Gotcha Day-versary | 09.29.14

  • He's 2.
  • We've known him since his 3rd day of life.
  • He was supposed to be moved to another home shortly after we had him.
  • It took longer than planned.
  • The other family changed their minds when they saw how bonded we were with him.
  • They will always have a special place in our hearts.
  • He is quickly becoming as silly & goofy as his big brother.
  • He has been paci-free for 2 weeks.
  • His favorite snack is bananas.
  • His favorite drink is "mewk".
  • His favorite toys are "beep beeps". (cars)
  • He has beautiful curly hair.
  • He is getting his first hair cut very soon.
  • He lights up our rooms and our hearts.
  • Thank You Jesus for Noah and this beautiful picture of redemption on earth.