Sunday, September 30, 2012

7 Months & 8 Months

I'm behind on updating this blog.
Bubba turned 7 months last month.
Which means he turned 8 months this month.
Am I smart, or what?
He is now...

  • crawling
  • pulling to a standing position
  • cruising around on 2 feet as long as he has something to hold onto
  • saying "nanananana" almost as much as he says "dadadadadada"
  • giggling just as much as before whenever something tickles his funny bone and trust me, it doesn't take much!
  • continues to not sleep much
  • but when he IS sleepy, he nuzzles himself close to my neck and rubs his face all into me like he's trying to remember my smell before he konks out.  And it is precious!
  • he also likes to sing himself to sleep after he's done nuzzling.
  • it makes us all smile really big
  • he is a total church in, once it's quiet, he thinks it's time to talk.
  • either that or he thinks he's helping the pastor preach.  
  • i don't know, but it's totally distracting in a really cute way
  • i just smile and tip toe out of service every sunday with our bag of toys  :)
  • i love him!
  • he enjoys bath time more than ever before
  • i end up almost as wet as him with all the splashing he does
  • he's still a total chunky monkey
  • we are wild about our chunky money!
  • his case worker LOVES to come visit us and play with him
  • we LOVE her  :)
  • she loves him  :)
  • there's a lota love!
  • this kid is the BOMB DOT COM!!!
  • we go see a specialist this Wednesday about some feeding issues he's having.
  • we'd appreciate prayers
  • and last, but certainly not least, we got to see his BFF's picture this week
  • and we are all just rejoicing!!!
Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the skies. 

- Psalm 36:5