Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting closer...

Our precious Secondary Case Worker came for a home visit today. She sat & played with Bubba and visited with Matt & I. And then she made our jaws drop...she said this was her last visit. We were like "whaaa?"
We really have grown to love her!  She loves her job. Loves her foster babies. And is GREAT at what she does.  This fits her.  She said that because we've moved to the next phase - Adoption, our Primary Case Worker will take over from here.
We are going to miss her.  She has been great!
I was sure I told her so!

And so we are getting closer to adopting Bubba.  And this is a HUGE PRAISE!  :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Baby is 10 Months Old | better late than never...

Baby Boy turned 10 Months Old over half a month ago! HA!

Our sweet, precious, scrumptious boy, at 10 Months you are...

  • walking like crazy
  • running away from us anytime we pretend to chase you
  • losing a tiny bit of that chunky monkey chub
  • still giggling like crazy
  • clapping anytime anything wonderful happens
  • enjoy family worship like never before
  • flip OUT when daddy leaves the room
  • squeal deliriously when daddy enters a room
  • SICK of applesauce
  • bananas about bananas
  • think bath time means it's time to severely drench momma
  • love exploring cabinets & drawers
  • enjoy drinking water from your sippy cup and spitting it out (ha!)
  • still hate taking your medicine
  • helped pick out your First Christmas ornament
  • not too sure about the Christmas Tree's prickly branches
  • enjoy putting EVERYTHING in your mouth
  • TEETHING your first tooth! (I don't think that's proper grammar)
  • went to the beach for the VERY first time...and LOVED it!
  • met more family over Thanksgiving and had EVERYONE gushing over your absolute cuteness!
  • and most of all, you are an absolute joy to your sisters and your daddy & mama!