Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Foster Care in a Nutshell

2013 Foster Care in a Nutshell

  • Josiah turned 1 @ the beginning of the year
  • we started him on the GAPS Diet to help heal his gut
  • our girls turned 15, 14 & 10
  • it's none of your business how old Matt and I are!  :D
  • we did emergency care for "MJ" in January for two weeks
  • and we fell in love with him
  • and then we fostered him in February & March
  • and it was exceedingly difficult {2 special needs babies, one who cried for 30 minutes at a time if something changed in his surroundings at all, one who had severe tummy issues and required intensive GAPS cooking- 2 hours minimum every day; running a photography business from home; homeschooling 3 daughters - one who has ADD and throw that in with the screaming baby for a great fun day EVERY DAY!}
  • MJ was placed in another foster home
  • and we've had the wonderful privilege of seeing him thru respite care in June
  • and we still love him and don't know how his story will end...
  • our family took a WONDERFUL, much needed vacation to River's Edge Cottages in the Spring
  • Josiah's adoption was finalized on July 17th
  • GAPS Diet has been amazing for him!  He is able to eat a wide variety of vegetables and a few new fruits as well as nuts and nut butters.  Still NO GRAINS and apparently no seeds (our sunflower seeds trial was scary!)
  • we fostered "Teddy" the newborn for one week & then he went with a family member
  • we have been fostering "Tiny" for 3 months (since birth)
2013 was such a roller coaster ride for us.  It was a prayer come true to be able to adopt our little Josiah!  There was heartache with having to have MJ placed in another home. Our marriage is the strongest it's ever been.  Seeing my husband love our foster babies with a regular daddy's love, even though they don't carry his DNA pierces a part of me that has never been touched before.  Those kids are ours while they're in our home. Period.  Our girls are growing up!  Gabi will be able to drive in a few months.  The thought of that makes me want to cry or scream! I haven't decided which yet! LOL!!!  Josiah is on target with everything and has great weight!
2013 was overall a wonderful year!  I have learned a lot about myself - I am stronger than I ever thought.  It's more important to be tenderhearted towards the fatherless than look like a model.  I can still help others in need, even if my hands are full here at home.  God is gracious beyond compare and his compassion is limitless!  
I hope to make more time for friendships in 2014.  I miss my friends.  Fostering those relationships and growing together in the Lord will make for an even more fulfilling year!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

God is ALWAYS Faithful | Reminiscing

God is ALWAYS Faithful

  • 20 Years ago I told my mom I wanted a black baby
  • 18 Years ago (August 1995) I married my best friend, he had no desire to adopt
  • 3 years ago, (January 2011), my best friend heard an Adoption Sermon by Voddie Baucham which can be found here:http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=113101250246 and it rocked his world!
  • 3 months later, we began our Adoption Journey thru DHS in April 2011
  • almost 2 years ago (February 2012) our home was opened for Foster Care thru OKDHS, the very same day, one hour after our final "walk thru" with our social worker, we received the call for placement of a 5 week old baby boy
  • July 17th 2013, on Josiah's 18 Month Birthday, our adoption was finalized!!!
I write this to you, the woman or man who has a heart for Adoption, but it seems like it will NEVER happen... God is PASSIONATE about adoption. It is our only possible way of being united with Him in heaven - we become His and NOTHING can separate us from His love!  He sets the lonely in families. He is for Adoption!  
Whether you're still waiting for your husband to get on board, or whether you're filling out paperwork late into the night while snacking on dry cereal & raisins, or whether you're done with all that and you are just WAITING for the phone call - please know that we've been there with you and we're praying for you!  He is faithful!
I hope our little timeline gives you HOPE, because sometimes, we all need a little encouragement!  :) 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tiny | 12.02.13

Some days, I want to just blab everything that is going on through our Foster Care journey because it helps to just get it "out there" so people will understand and be praying and be sympathetic and maybe bring me a cherry limeade with no ice from sonic during happy hour.

And some days, I am just thankful this sweet baby is in our home, under our watchful care and sharing pictures is enough.

Today, I feel like blabbing & blubbering.  But I can't.  Because it's Foster Care.  And it's private.  And how I wish I was able to just sit with a friend and cry right about now because I'm exhausted and sleepy and Mondays are so hard in general with co-op and regular homeschool and running errands since I'm already out.

So what I can do is share this picture.  And tell you "Tiny" is doing wonderful. And he's two whole months old now.  And he's finally out of Newborn clothes and into 0-3 month clothes.  And he's cooing.  And there's a jury trial in March. And he may or may not end up being Josiah's brother.  Holy cow!  In a nut shell.  THAT is what is going on.

If your head is all of a sudden spinning, imagine mine...
I haven't slept (aside from the naps Matt blessed me with during Thanksgiving break).

Thank you for prayers for our family!
We truly are OPEN to whatever direction the Lord leads.  But there's this thing called EMOTIONS. And I'm a girl, so I have plenty of them!

Love ya'll,