Monday, May 18, 2015

Mental Illnesses/ Diseases & Paleo Diet

This entire year has been a pretty exhausting one so far...and that's coming from a positive person like myself. I wonder what my husband would say if he were writing this blog post? LOL!!!
Some of the teens have mutated into people we don't know. And Josiah has gone looney toons to the 3rd degree.

The latest struggle had me digging through Josiah's adoption paperwork. It is a HUGE pile that was on a shelf in my room with all our other kids' adoption paperwork.  His counselor wanted me to give her the exact disease that his biological mom has.

This afternoon, instead of working on a wedding album for a bride, I've been going crazy doing online researching. (Sorry bride!!!)  I found an extremely informative medical paper that has really long words in it that I will need to google on more later, but every website I have gone to agrees 100% on these things: There is no cure. There's a 50% chance he carries the gene.

Paleo Diet helps keep the effects at bay.

Paleo Diet has also been known to help with the other crap we're dealing with.

WHY DID I EVER start giving him wheat once his belly could accept it without having a rash? Why was my brain thinking that the biggest goal the last 2 years was to  heal his belly so that he could "live a normal life" by eating WHEAT. All that painful long process on the GAPS Diet, all that success and it feels like I threw it all away by getting him addicted to wheat.

I am so frustrated with other things going on and adding this to it has me almost in tears.

Do you know how hard it's going to be, at the age of 3.5, to now tell him he can no longer eat wheat again, because even though it doesn't hurt his tummy anymore, it is slowly hurting his neurological system. What the heck? He's not gonna understand that...

And sweet baby Noah has had a rash the last 2 times we have given him wheat bread...

I would like to bang my head against a wall really hard.


  1. Tons of recipes out there to make breads, cakes, etc. with coconut flour or almond flour or a million other things. "Pasta" can be made with zucchini (it's good!) There are support groups online. Thank God for all the info available these days. I hope you find what works for him!! And you! :)

  2. Thank you Sandi! We've been thru that part before when he was on Gaps. I just hate that we even let him start eating wheat. Now he will know what he's missing. It would be easier if my entire family went Paleo, BUT that's not realistic with a family of 8, on our income.

    And the "no milk" part of Paleo makes me sad.

    Ps. I love spaghetti squash! :)